Stewardship: Time & Talent
Stewardship is the response of a grateful heart for all the gifts bestowed on us by God. Stewardship is the willing return of the first measure of our time, talent, and treasure to God for all that He has done for us.

Time is from God. Individuals only have one chance to use their time; it cannot be recovered. Time is made holy or unholy by its use.

Our Talents are a direct result of the time we invest in them. There are certainly many different talents that people possess that can be used to help build God’s kingdom.

The Treasure that you return to God is a decision that you make based on your relationship with Him.

An ongoing evaluation of your time, talent, and treasure – combined with fruitful prayerful relationship with Jesus Christ – will bring all of us to the Stewardship way of life.

Ministry Opportunities for Service
Our parish community offers many different ways for each parishioner to serve and minister to others according to our time, interests, talents, and abilities.